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Where Art Meets Engineering: Exploring the Intersection of Art and Structure

Who says structural engineering is all about buildings?? Although the majority of our projects involve designing buildings, we've also had the privilege of doing the structural design for a handful of art installations - from a 24x24-foot steel and stained-glass structure to a 1,700-pound monument at Ball Arena.

These projects often pose fun challenges when designing, as they require not only structural analysis, but also a deep understanding of artistic intent and aesthetic sensitivity. With these projects, the structure is not "covered up" as it is most times with buildings, but rather is on full display as part of the artwork. It is our job to seamlessly integrate the structural design into the piece of art without detracting from the artistic intent.

Check out some of our favorite projects that bridge the gap between engineering and art 📐🎨:

Ball Arena Infinity Monument - Denver, CO

We helped design the foundations of the new "infinity monument' at Ball Arena. The art signifies the infinitely recyclable quality of aluminum and Ball Corporations' continued commitment to making sports and entertainment more sustainable.

Lazarus Brewing Sun Sculpture - Austin, TX

Our team had the opportunity to work with Brian Chilton Design providing the engineering for this stunning 24 x 24-foot steel and stained-glass structure for Lazarus Brewing in Austin, TX. Created by artist Anika Van Der Merwe, this piece of art was one of the largest stained-glass installations in the world in 2022.

Baker Creek Preserve Pavilion - Knoxville, TN

Photos courtesy of Port Urbanism

The Baker Creek Preserve Pavilion recently celebrated its ribbon cutting ceremony! The steel-framed pavilion structure serves as the gateway to the Urban Wilderness's network of trails, and has restrooms, picnic tables, a water-filling station, and parking.

You can learn more about this project on Sanders Pace Architecture's website.

Flying Heron Sculpture - Leawood, KS

Photos courtesy of Robin Richerson, Sculptor

We worked with Visage Fine Art Studio to design the support and foundation for this bronze heron statue. Not something we can say we do every day!

The Rabbit hOle - North Kansas City, MO

Photos courtesy of The Rabbit hOle

The Rabbit hOle, a long-awaited museum experience that brings children's literature to life through interactive exhibits, opened its doors to the public earlier this month. Apex was honored to play a part in this project, from structural design for interior and exterior structures, exhibits, stairs, ramps, and platforms, as well as special inspection services.

The Tennyson Sculpture Park & Garden - Pagosa Springs, CO

Our role for this park and garden included structural design for four traditional timber structures, two trellis structures, a covered pavilion, and a stage enclosure. Our goal was to design structures that harmonized with the park's artistic vision and natural beauty while serving functional purposes, providing shelter and a platform for events.

Mighty Bike - Roeland Park, KS

Rendering courtesy of RDM Architecture

The Mighty Bike, an interactive play structure, is coming to Roeland Park, KS this fall. Created by artist Matt Kirby, and designed in collaboration with RDM Architecture and Lamp Rynearson, we are eager to watch this project come to fruition.


These projects demonstrate the profound impact that collaboration between engineers and artists can have on the built environment, enriching communities and inspiring many.

We invite you to explore more of the unique projects that Apex has been a part of.


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