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Founded in 2003 with the vision of creating an engineering firm that would deliver great client service. From the beginning, we’ve operated under the idea that the quality of our work will speak for itself.


Through the years, the firm has grown and changed. In 2012, we moved our offices from Merriam, Kansas to the Crossroads Arts District in Kansas City, Missouri. Two years later, in 2014, Apex opened its branch in Denver, Colorado. Starting with three employees, this branch has more than doubled in size in the years since its opening.

The next year, in 2015, Apex opened its branch in Lawrence, Kansas. This branch allows us to better service clients in Eastern and Central Kansas.


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Projects Completed


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Our Team


States with Licenses


Our Mission

Apex delivers buildable, logical, and efficient structural solutions with responsiveness, integrity, and creativity.

Our Vision

We will positively impact the landscape of the cities and towns where we work by providing creative solutions with quality engineering, promoting the engineering profession with high ethical standards, and sustaining a work culture where we recognize and cultivate each employees’ talents.

Our Guiding Values

Our Team: We prosper because of our diverse team of talented and committed individuals.  The quality, capacity, and integrity of the people we hire, retain, and promote defines Apex as a company.    

Efficiency: We embrace cutting edge technology and are continually improving processes to provide efficient, buildable and logical designs.

Client Intent: Every step of the way, we work to preserve the vision of the project.  Our goal is to maintain an open line of communication and ensure that structural solutions complement, rather than detract from, the project aesthetics.

Tenacity: Determination and persistence in solving problems and approaching all aspects of our business is a defining characteristic of our company.

Exceptional Service: Our core values come together to support the goal of providing exceptional, best in class service to clients.

Photo of the founders of Apex- Theron "Terry" Barton, Bryce Crady, Clayton Hess, Jared Lambrecht and Mike Brunin


Principals & Associates

Bryce Crady headshot

Bryce D. Crady, PE


Mike Brunin Headshot

Michael D. Brunin, PE

Associate Principal

Clayton Hess headshot

Clayton J. Hess, PE


Jason Gibson headshot

Jason S. Gibson, PE


Terry Barton headshot

Theron M. Barton, PE & PG


Logan Chamberlin headshot

Logan K. Chamberlin, PE


Jared Lambrecht headshot

Jared M. Lambrecht, PE


Matthew Umberger headshot

Matthew L. Umberger, PE


Engineering Management

Aaron Kilgore headshot

Aaron G. Kilgore, PE

Project Manager

Matthew Conley headshot

Matthew J. Conley, PE

Project Manager

Alfonso Torres headshot

Alfonso A. Torres, PE

Project Manager

Ryan Huff headshot

W. Ryan Huff, PE

Project Manager

Daniel Meyer headshot

Daniel Meyer, PE

Project Manager

Dustin Stallings headshot

Dustin C. Stallings, PE

Project Manager

Design Team

Alexander Komarov headshot

Alexander Komarov

Design Engineer

Andy Coffman headshot

J. Andy Coffman, PE

Sr. Project Engineer

Brooke Schler headhsot

Brooke Schler, PE

Design Engineer

Eddie Elder headshot

Eddie Elder

Design Engineer

Jessica Geran headshot

Jessica Geran, PE

Sr. Project Engineer

Lauren Badeaux headshot

Lauren Badeaux, PE

Project Engineer

Nicole Henry headshot

Nicole Henry, PE

Project Engineer

Thomas Adams headshot

Thomas Adams, PE

Project Engineer

Allena Henderson headshot

Allena Henderson, PE

Project Engineer

Austin Curnutt headshot

Austin Curnutt, PE/SE

Project Engineer

Connor Hobart headshot

Connor Hobart

Design Engineer

Gabby Liuzza headshot

Gaby Liuzza

Project Engineer

Jhonathan Batrez headshot

Jhonatan Batrez

Design Engineer

Laurie Eklund headshot

Laurie Eklund

Design Engineer


Peyton Carter


Design Engineer

Zach Luchies headshot

Zachary Luchies

Sr. Design Technician

Andrew Plescia headshot

Andrew Plescia, PE

Project Engineer

Benjamin Huff headshot

Benjamin Huff, PE

Project Engineer

David Radeztsky headshot

David Radeztsky

Design Engineer

Jake LeGrand headshot

Jake LeGrand

Project Engineer

Kyle VanBuskirk headshot

Kyle VanBuskirk

Design Engineer

Linda Ding headshot

Linda Ding, PE

Sr. Project Engineer / DevOps Developer

Rodney Miller headshot

Rodney Miller

Sr. Project Engineer

Andrew Klenke headshot

Andrew Klenke

Design Engineer

Blake Setzer headshot

Blake Setzer

Design Engineer

Clinton Lee headshot

Clinton Lee

Design Technician

Jeff Bloss headshot

Jeffrey Bloss, PE/SE

Sr. Project Engineer

Mark Spero headshot

Mark Spero

Sr. Design Technician

Marcos Esquivel headshot

Marcos Esquivel

Design Technician

Scott Scoopmire headshot

Scott Scoopmire

Design Engineer

Field Team

Chris Veith headshot

Christopher Veith

Special Inspector

Steve Fitch headshot

Stephen W. Fitch

Inspections Manager / Master Special Inspector

Chris Walker headshot

Christopher Walker

Special Inspector

Josh Elizondo headshot

Joshua Elizondo

Field Engineer

Nick Shifflett headshot

Nick Shifflett

Field Engineer

Operations Team

Bethany Hahn headshot

Bethany Hahn

Chief Operating Officer

Lea Huggins headshot

Lea Huggins

Sr. Administrative Specialist - Design Services


Logan Derosia

Marketing Specialist

Sarah Carr headshot

Sarah Carr

Administrative Specialist - Inspections Services

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