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Multi-Family Projects

Switch KC

Switch KC
Switch KC
Switch KC
Switch KC
Switch KC

*Photography courtesy of Milhaus. 

292,700 sqft | New Construction.  Located next to the growing entertainment hub of Homefield, Switch is a fresh take on midwestern living, offering studio, one, two, and three bedroom apartment homes. Totaling 247 units and three stories, this community hub includes a clubhouse, pool, amenity areas, parking garages, and a dog park. 

Location: Kansas City, KS

Client: Davidson Architecture & Engineering, Milhaus


29 Gillham

24,000 sqft | New Construciton.  Project features open floor plans with large balconies. The three-story structure
offices a mixture of 1 and 2 bedroom units.

Location: Kansas City, MO

Client: KEM Studio


Strawberry Hills

12,000 sqft | New Construction.  Six-unit, four-story townhomes consisting of wood framing and wood roof/floor trusses.

Location: Kansas City, MO

Client: el Dorado, Inc.

Gillham Park

23,000 sqft | New Construction.  The front of this roof utilized cedar roof joists and cantilevered out three feet to create the architect’s desired aesthetics. For the lower roof, a cantilevered wood trellis was designed with steel flitch plates at various locations and attached back to the wood wall.

Location: Kansas City, MO

Client: DRAW Architecture + Urban Design

37th Gillham Corner View_DRAW
37th Gillham Rear Corner_DRAW
37th Gillham Front View_DRAW
Genessee_View to Kemper_Grid
17-0609-Amenity_BP_Communal Space_07_10_17

The Yards

270,000 sqft | New Construction.  New multi-family development of five story structures.

Location: Kansas City, MO

Client: KEM Studio

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