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Design Services

Residential Projects

We pride ourselves on our ability to establish and maintain great relationships with our exceptional clients.  It doesn't matter if you have a small renovation project or a huge new home you are designing, we are ready and willing to help along the way.  We work hard to preserve each client's vision for their project while ensuring that codes are met.  Our residential design services include:

  • Structural Design

  • I-joist, floor truss, and roof truss review

  • Wood, concrete, masonry, and steel construction

  • Concrete, limestone, and modular block retaining wall design

  • Home remodel, addition, wood deck, and screened porch design

  • Wood timber truss design

  • Existing structure analysis for increased roof loading when adding solar panels or tile roofs.

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Commercial Projects

Your commercial project will have a lasting impact on the city in which it is built.  We will deliver your architectural intent within the the code requirements of your jurisdiction.  Our work doesn't end with the design phase of the project.  Our engineers are there to facilitate RFIs, Shop Drawings, and contractor preference items throughout the construction process.  Our commercial design services include:

  • Comprehensive commercial structural design for retail, industrial, office, restaurants, hotels, recreational, mixed use and many other types of structures

  • Glazing design

  • Commercial storefront design

  • Cold form steel shop drawing review

  • Wood, concrete, masonry, and steel construction

  • Pre-fabricated building, pier, and flagpole foundation design

  • Lateral wind / seismic building design

  • Retaining wall design for commercial properties

  • Existing steel bar joist analysis for increased roof loading

  • Wood timber truss design

  • Structural review for tenant finishes

  • Review for mechanical, RTU, boiler upgrades / replacement

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Inspection & Other Services

Third Party Residential 

When you chose Apex, you gain an inspector that is under the same roof as your engineer of record. We hold contractors to strict standards to provide you the peace of mind that comes with a job well done.  When site conditions force a change of plans, we work with contractors to find solutions that will work without breaking the project's budget. 


Third party inspections are regularly offered from our Kansas City, MO office.  If you need an inspection outside the KCMO metro, contact our office to see about scheduling and availability.  Residential third party inspections include:

  • Site Observations

  • Drilled foundation pier observations

  • Foundation footings and walls

  • Pre-backfills

  • Garage, basement, and structural slabs

  • Structural welds

  • Post-pour inspections

Existing Foundations Assessment

In the mid-west, our soil conditions often mean movement in foundation walls and slabs.  Before you hire a basement repair company, call Apex to schedule an evaluation of your home.  With an engineer approved approach to stopping the movement in hand, you can be confident that the basement repair companies will provide you with a 'right sized' approach.

For one house we looked at, the homeowner had six repair estimates ranging from $1,500 to $20,000.  We were able to assess the existing conditions and find an appropriate fix for the movement.  The $3,500 solution stopped the movement and saved the homeowner thousands potentially spent on a repair approach that went far beyond needed.

Commercial Special Inspections

The benefit of Apex as your commercial inspector is the time you will save by having the engineer of record directly connected to the inspection agency. Your commercial construction site won't be held up for days or weeks waiting on answers from the design engineer for discrepancies caught during Special Inspections.  When a discrepancy is particularly troublesome, our design and SI teams come together to find solutions that keep your project moving.

Apex provides extensive commercial special inspection services from all our offices.  Our special inspections (per Chapter 17 IBC) include:​

  • Verification of soils

  • Footing, wall, and slab concrete testing

  • Steel framing observation

  • Post Installed anchors observation

  • Structural Masonry and CMU Observation

  • Observation of earth retaining structures

  • Fire proofing observation

  • Testing of structural fill

  • Steel shop observation

Forensic Investigation & Expert Witness

Our Professional Engineers regularly provide expert witness testimony for attorneys and homeowners.  You can rely on our extensive experience during a tough time to help find the best solution.  For more information on our expert witness and forensic investigation services, email us at

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